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Saya adalah salah satu perempuan yang nggak bohong atau nggak malu untuk mengakui umur yang sebenarnya. Yes, tanggal 5 Juli kemarin saya resmi berumur 41. Sebelum saya menulis artikel ini, saya baca lagi tulisan saya tahun lalu waktu saya masuk ke Season 40 dan juga tulisan tentang My 10 Happy Rules. Itu adalah contoh hal-hal yang saya pikirkan untuk bisa menjadi the best version of myself (jadi nggak cuma smartphone aja yang di-update OS-nya, manusianya juga dong).

So, what have I learned this past year? (maaf ya pakai bahasa Inggris, nggak nemu gimana nulis kata-kata curahan yang pas dengan bahasa Indonesia, hehehe)

1. Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile.

Don’t forget that you have the power, you can choose. No one can force you. You are fully in charge of your own life. But taking charge also means taking the responsibility and the consequences.

2. You can’t please everyone, so don’t take it personally. Maybe they just don’t understand or have the same level with you.

No need to be angry or offended because it just creates wrinkle on your face and botox is not cheap (seriously). That’s why having ‘inner circle’ as your support system is so important. You can be who you are without afraid of being judged.

3. There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better.

These people are the treasure in life. Make time to meet, talk and create memories with them. “Pernah kenal, Kenal, Teman, Sahabat” – make the list so you know which ones matter to you and of course your family.

4. Be good and be kind to one another

I love this Ellen DeGeneres’ quote. Why do we have to fight or argue about religion? Who’s right, who’s wrong? Why can’t we just be a good person? Faith is something very personal, so everyone has different kinds of spiritual journey. Do you know that we are not alone? There are 195 countries and 7.5 billion people on earth.

The more important question is what is you contributed to society? Have you done something good in your life? Have you fulfilled your life purpose?

5. Middle-aged does not exist; it’s just a number with additional experiences in life.

So use the technology (I mean make up, beauty treatment, exercise, healthy food, healthy lifestyle, etc) to match what you feel inside and how you look outside. We are not determined by age, grey hair or ehemmm weight, but by how we carry ourselves and still feel awesome. If Madonna can be awesome at 58, so can we! Hahaha.

Buat pembaca ReeSays yang umurnya masih jauh dibawah saya, ingat: tua itu pasti datang dengan sendirinya. Jadi nggak usah ditua-tuain. Sebaliknya, youth nggak bisa dibalikin (walaupun dengan beauty treatment yang paling mahal sekalipun). So enjoy your life, make it count, don’t sweat small things, be happy and find your inner peace.


Dear God, thank you for another year in my life. I’m forever grateful.

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  1. Jalan2Liburan
    Jalan2Liburan | Posted on July 9, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Happiest birthday mbak Ree ! xoxo

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